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OPT IPL fast hair removal SHR machine
OPT core technology is the use of three-dimensional technology concept: energy + pulse + pulse waveform. The real issue is the steady pulse energy output. which is photonic technology breakthroughs through four generations of the whole. OPT technology that is perfectly controllable intense pulsed light technology, is the latest generation of IPL technology.
Its efficacy in the treatment of pigmentation problems better than traditional methods of treatment, the presence of the peak energy and attenuation problems early IPL, energy pulse spike could easily lead to skin burns and pigmentation, while the energy attenuated below the set value, difficult to achieve therapeutic effect. The OPT can output square wave is always stable, completely solve the problem of energy instability series.
Make a significant effect and reduce side effects compared to traditional IPL is concerned, OPT technology more secure and comfortable. Can shorten the course of treatment, the recurrence rate.

Application Range
Hair removal, 
skin rejuvenation, 
pigment therapy, 
vascular therapy, 
acne therapy, 
wrinkle removal, 
spot removal, 
freckle removal



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