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RF Beauty system is a high-tech beauty device with great safety and no wound. It produces heat when tissuesí»s electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis. High frequency wave permeates epidermis and take effect on the collagen-rich derma tissue directly which makes the inside water molecules under the take skin more quickly. This move produces controllable heat and results in contraction of collagen and generation of the new collagen and dermal remodeling. The heat will accelerate the blood circle as well. As a result, the skin looks tighter, wrinkles reduce, cellulite and fat reduction gradually. It brings successful treatment of unique and utilizes advanced technology design with cooling system to deliver radio-frequency energy to much deeper of the dermis.


í÷ Sculptureí÷ Cellulite skin treatment
í÷ Sun spot removalí÷ Skin tightening
í÷ Make the pore contractedí÷ Deep wrinkle removal
í÷ Improve the skin-metabolismí÷ Alleviate Oily Acne, eye pouch


í÷ High-efficiency
í÷ Safe , effective, natural treatment result, no injection and no anesthesia.
í÷ Comfortable feeling: Air and water effective cooling system, adjustable temperature control at head from -4íŠ~0íŠ,makes the treatment more comfortable.
í÷ User friendly: Touch screen and localization with 14 languages.
í÷ Micro computer counts for treatments used .
í÷ Micro computer control for treatments time setting.
í÷ Plug-and-play connectors make much more easy installation.
í÷ Easy after service: Software upgrade with USB, Metal chassis compact design with Modularized interior for easy maintenance.
í÷ CE Medical certificate.


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